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Egg Insurance Customer Service Telephone Number

Egg Insurance Help / Customer Assistance Phone Ring Numbers

Egg makes it a bit difficult to find their phone numbers on their website. First you go to their website, then click on "contact us". You should be at their phone number by now, but no, you have to then click on the the "Phone Numbers" text inside the "Phone Us" box, and then scroll down for the number you need.

HBOS Customer Service Assistance Telephone Number

HBOS Customer Help Phone Number

HBOS was actually taken over by Lloyds in 2009, because HBOS didn't manage its finances very well :)

Nationwide Building Society: ALL Telephone Numbers


General Help

Customer Service Telephone Numbers

Hours of Operation

All enquiries

08457 30 20 10
International/Travelling Overseas: +44 1793 656789

Always Open


Textphone, Minicom or Typetalk

Customer Service Telephone Numbers

Hours of Operation

All enquiries for customers with hearing or speech difficulties

0800 37 80 01

Always Open

Nationwide Building Society Customer Services - Lost Cards + Emergency

Bank Name:

Nationwide Building Society

Nationwide Building Society is the largest British Building Society. It is the biggest because it resisted demutualisation, and instead maintained its traditional corportate structure.

Halifax Building Society Contact Information: Emergencies, Lost Cards, Customer Service

Bank Name:

Halifax Building Society

Bank Branch Name:

Halifax, West Yorkshire

Halifax was acquired in 2007. They used to go by "Halifax Building Society", but they're technicall yno longer a building society.

Now they're the Bank of Scotland by another name.

Phone Number:

08457 20 30 40

Banking Customer Service Hours at the above phone number are 24 hours a day for existing customers.

Barclays Personal Banking: Barclaycard Information and Applying for Barclayscard

Bank Name: 


Bank Branch Name: 

Barclays UK

Barclaycard is a global provider of credit cards, and is based in the UK, owned by Barclays plc. Their main offices are in Northampton.

Phone Number: 

0845 766 0758

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The UK's #1 Credit Card Provider

Barclays is the UK's leading issuer of Credit Cards, with something like 1 in 3 cards being the Barclayscard. So by signing up for a Barclay card, you'll be in good hands.

Hours of Operation: 

Lines open Monday to Friday 8am-8pm and Saturday 8am-2pm.

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