Egg Insurance Customer Service Telephone Number

Egg Insurance Help / Customer Assistance Phone Ring Numbers

Egg makes it a bit difficult to find their phone numbers on their website. First you go to their website, then click on "contact us". You should be at their phone number by now, but no, you have to then click on the the "Phone Numbers" text inside the "Phone Us" box, and then scroll down for the number you need. ick.

Don't forget, it's always a good idea to have auto breakdown coverage, such as through the Royal Automobile Club, just in case you end up stranded, these organizations can be real life savers.

So, as I always do, I'm going to put the phone number here, in plain English.

Egg Home Insurance

For regular inquiries regarding Egg Home Insurance, call: 0870 906 2999. They're typically open until 9PM during the week, with more core hours on the weekend.

For claims, you can call them 24 hours per day at: 0870 556 1161

Egg Car Auto Motor Insurance

Similarly, there's more than one Egg Auto phone number, claims, quotes, general and accident recovery (whatever accident recover means...)

For Egg Auto Insurance Claims, call 0870 024 0103 (oddly this is 8AM-8PM during the week, 9-5 Sat and 10-5 Sun). I guess Egg thinks you don't end up in auto collisions overnight...

for General Egg Auto Telephone customer service: 0870 024 0096 (during the week until 9PM, weekend hours are more restricted)

For Egg Auto Quotes, to compare auto insurance premiums, call: 0870 024 0095 (8AM-8PM during the week, 9-5 Sat and 10-5 Sun)

Finally, for Egg Auto accident recovery: 0800 051 0267, which is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, so I suppose this is the number you call right after an accident.

Auto Insurance in General

Most importantly, you should understand that there are other auto insurance providers serving your area. Different firms can have drastically different quotes. Some firms have low teaser rates to get you to switch to them, and then raise the rates year after year, so YOU NEED TO COMPARE COMPANIES ALL THE TIME! Even if you think you're getting a good rate, it's important to research. Have your premiums ever gone down? No, because companies know that that's a money losing proposition, at best, they'll raise it only a little, even if their claims for the year are down. These companies are big and wealthy for a reason, but that also means there's always other companies that will work with you to win your new business.